By the Book

Contact Energy Brand Bible

Contact needed to reinforce its customer led, transformation programme with its people and how to live and breathe Contact’s purpose - ‘Helping New Zealanders to live more comfortably with energy’

We also had to produce a brand guideline that prescribed the correct use of the identity and its many applications, so, we combined both tasks into one publication and ensure every Contact person understood the meaning, importance and practical use of the highly upgraded brand, applied in their daily work.

The Contact ‘brand bible’ is the culmination of almost three years work and the embodiment of Contact’s business, linked with its brand strategy. What it really does, is summarise beautifully, Contact’s competitive difference as a piece of story-tellng and turn this into shared behaviours and actions from power plant engineer to CEO.

While most brand guidelines prescribe correct use of the brand and held by the Marketing and Communications Department, this bible makes the often soft and mysterious aspects of brand positioning and makes this highly relevant to the lives of Contact, their customers and shareholders.

My role — Design Director
Creative Directors: Olivia Swinn, Paul Johnson
Design Directors: Pip Ireland, Michael Crosbie
Design Team: Rhi Josland, Carol Wu

Best Awards Bronze Pin Winner 2015