Contact Energy Website

The Contact website, launched in September 2014, is an example of a major website transformation, demonstrating deep definition and design phases, an intensive UX/UI process and targeting a broad spectrum of residential, business consumer and corporate audiences.

Designworks has been engaged for three years to undertake a major transformation programme for Contact, elevating it from an electricity retailer in a commodity market, to a preferred, relevant brand, with activities re-centered around the customer.

As a pivotal aspect of its on-line strategy, we’ve set out to create a joyful, out of category, on-line experience for Contact’s consumers. Contact aims to be a valued part of Kiwis’ lives, by truly understanding the way they live, so we set out to make the website experience as useful, easy to understand and delightful as possible.

My role — Creative Director
Design Director: Matt Watson
Design Team: Su Chin Chow, David Bastian
Contributors: Victoria Linton, Nel Johnson, Nick Hughes, Tim Smart, Dylan Jennings, Paul Soong, Russell Douglas, Marijke Preston, Sally Fisher, Jonathan Hales