Making the Bold Beautiful

Contact Energy Operational Photography

In 2014, Designworks was tasked with photographing Contact’s operations, spanning the length of the country – in a radically different approach from their previous style. These images were to be used in corporate communications such as investor relations and media support.

Before Contact underwent a brand transformation, operational photography had a strong focus on the generation side of Contact’s business, rather than the people behind it. If shots did have people in them, they were often highly staged. We were briefed to create a photographic style that told the story of Contact’s impressive kit, but also showed the dedicated people who are the lifeblood of the business.

My role — Creative Director
Photographer: Steven Boniface
Design Team: Ryan Ferguson, Gareth White

Work completed — Aug 2014

Best Awards Gold Pin Winner 2015
Judges' comments: A study of scale balanced with intimacy takes a different look at this subject matter.

I worked with Steven Boniface and our approach was to capture ‘Moments of Contact’ that were real in every sense. When photographing the kit, our focus was showing the impressive scale, details and textures of these operations, and the drama of the environment that surrounds them.

At a macro level we used people to show the scale of the kit, and at a micro level we zoomed in on the smallest, intimate details such as the hand etchings on a stationary turbine. When photographing Contact’s staff, we wanted the shots to reflect their personality and character. Each portrait tells a story about their place and time within the business, and therefore a ‘Moment of Contact’.