Full Steam Ahead

Contact Energy Annual Report 2014

The client brief was definitive and clear. Contact had spent the previous year telling the story of re-engaging with its most important audience, its customers and needed to turn its attention back to its shareholders in its next report.

While the sector is roundly criticised for failing to pass its profits on to customers through lower prices, Contact had spent five years investing heavily and confidently in its generation assets. Contact wanted to tell its investors it was now ‘battleship ready’ to play its part in ensuring a sustainable energy resource for the long-term benefit of all New Zealanders.

My role — Design Director
Creative Director: Sam Brodie
Design Team: Phil Tan, Rachel Street
Illustration by Greg Straight

Best Awards Bronze Pin Winner 2015

We needed to find a compelling theme that sparked interest and held readers’ attention, avoiding corporate imagery of engineers with clipboards checking dials, while clearly showing the outcome of a massive programme of building new plant and equipment. 

To balance the two conflicting objectives, we wove the core thought ‘full steam ahead’ as an outcome of this period of growth and wrapped this up through hero content and story-telling, demonstrating new hardware at one end and how the people of Contact will use this asset to help New Zealanders become more comfortable with energy. 

The design solution continued the vibrant, ‘Comfy Logic’ Contact brand voice and signature as part of the wider brand led transformation programme introduced the previous year. It combined striking illustration and photography with interviews and rich narrative to engage its stakeholders and give renewed confidence in Contact’s commitment to being a company built for generations to come.