Leaving nothing up to Chance

Contact Energy – Safe to Run

There's nothing more important than safety. Safe to Run is the latest step in Contact's journey to become a leader in energy safety. It aims to ensure their safety systems and processes are as good as they can be. To launch this programme of work, Designworks was comissioned to come up with an internal engagement programme that would ensure that staff engage and participate. To bed this in we came up with a mascot called Chance. 

Chance is the enemy of safety. Like a mischievous gremlin in the system, Chance can undermine the hard work Contact puts into making things safe. When things are left to Chance, the effects are usually no more than a bit of a mess and inconvenience. But sometimes there can be more serious consequences. The Safe to Run programme helps keep Chance at bay by improving visibility and process safety. 

My role — Design Director
Creative Director: Dan Mercer
Team: Chris McDermott, Deirdre Crowley, Hamish Johnson, Steve Boniface, Ali Middleton, Fifi Colston, Nepia Takuira-Mita, Izzy Mackinnon, Hil Cook, Craig Farrand, Jared ONeal, Sandra Brosnan, Nick Riera, Byron Sparrow, Tony Spear, David Goldthorpe

Work completed — Aug 2015